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Sanitary Sewer Survey

Posted: Fri Aug 05 2022

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No 34 (FBMUD 34) is working with a contractor to clean and televise the sanitary sewer main lines.

FBMUD 34 has implemented a digital notification system to inform residents quickly of a water, sewer, drainage, or other District related event or situation.

What will notifications look like?

Residents registered for this free service will receive text and/or email notification explaining the basics of the situation with a short link to the news post on this site with more complete details.

When will the notification system be used?

Residents may receive a notification to inform them of situations such as water shutoffs for construction or repair, boil water notices, flood warnings, etc.

example to text alert

Who will receive notifications?

Residents will only receive notifications that apply to their street or zone. For example, a notice about a water outage scheduled for a specific street for repairs will only be sent to those affected in that area. This will limit any unnecessary notifications being sent to those it does not apply to.

How to register?

Residents may register additional phone numbers and email addresses for free using the form below. There are no limits or requirements, however it is recommended that at least two members per household register to receive notifications. Address information provided below will help determine your neighborhood and notification zone.

Opting Out

Residents may opt out of the service at any time by simply replying “Stop” to any texted notification.


Resident contact information provided will only be used by the District and its consultants for resident notification purposes as described above and will not be made public, shared or sold.

Additional Questions

Residents may call our operations company, Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc., at 281-367-5511 for assistance or to ask questions.